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Главная » Журналы » Servo » 2010 » Servo №3 2010

Журналы » Servo » 2010: Servo №3 2010

Servo №3 2010
Название: Servo №3 2010
Издательство: T&L Publications, Inc.
Год: 2010
Страниц: 82
Язык: Английский
Формат: pdf
Качество: отличное
Размер: 12.6Mб
Американский журнал посвященный робототехнике, для любителей и профессионалов

Содержание номера:



From Brazil to San Francisco - Our Incredible RoboGames Experience by Marco Meggiolaro
Brazilian combat robotics have never been the same for Team RioBotz, after they became acquainted with RoboGames in 2005.

Explore the New ZervoG Technology to Go RoboWireless by Fred Eady
Now your grazing piece of iron can let you know if its battery voltage is low or you can use it as a roving interactive Web server.

Get Ready for RoboGames 2010! by Evan Ackerman
Get inspired from 2009's event coverage.


Using a VEX Controller for Electronic Experiments by Daniel Ramirez
In this series of articles, you will perform simple experiments initially, then build to more elaborate VEX Projects.

GPS Navigation - Part 1 by Chris Savage
Give your bot some good direction so it can travel great distances with very little extra hardware.


Robytes by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits.

GeerHead by David Geer
The Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot
With seven motors, a microprocessor, and multiple sensors, your favorite Space Ranger is no slouch among modern, commercially available robots.

Ask Mr. Roboto by Dennis Clark
Your problems solved here

An Introduction to Robotics by Brennon Williams
This new series of articles is aimed at the beginner — especially the teenager crowd — to help them better understand the fundamentals of robotics and engineering. This month, a few microcontrollers good for robotics are discussed.

Twin Tweaks by Bryce Woolley Evan Woolley
Pavlov’s Bots
The Roboni-i aims to revolutionize the electronics entertainment industry with its unique blend of a personality filled robot, structured game play, and an online world.

Then and Now by Tom Carroll
A Closer Look at Personal Service Robots
This recession has hit all industries very hard and the robotics industry as a whole has felt the brunt of it, especially the service robot segment.

Combat Zone

Hot Stuff Heats Up ComBots Cup! in Combat Zone: Features
In my opinion, the only thing more fun to watch than two robots fighting it out in a bulletproof arena is watching two robots with a lot of animation battle it out.

Pattern Routing of Plastic Parts in Combat Zone: Features
The easy way to do these parts is to have them watercut by a company like Team Whyachi (http://www.teamwhyachi.com), but if you need parts quickly and your time is cheap, then with a little careful design you can route the same parts using just a router and a pattern.

Pattern Routing of Plastic Parts in Combat Zone: Features
The easy way to do these parts is to have them watercut by a company like Team Whyachi (http://www.teamwhyachi.com), but if you need parts quickly and your time is cheap, then with a little careful design you can route the same parts using just a router and a pattern.

Lipo Puffometer in Combat Zone: Features
Lithium polymer batteries are increasingly popular in robots. In combat bots, they are often abused to the point of failure with expensive and dangerous results.

The ComBots Cup 2009 in Combat Zone: Events
Over the weekend of December 19-20, 2009, the ComBots Cup event was held in San Mateo, CA where combat robots ranging from one pound up to 220 pounds competed for honor and glory.

Outside the Box in Combat Zone: Features
Project Zoidberg was conceived when a motor delivery for one of our other robots arrived at my teammate’s house, containing a surprising ‘extra’ component. The sender had accidentally packed a pair of Team Delta18V Dewalt ‘power drive’ gear motors. These powerful, drill-based units looked too nice to send back, so a deal was arranged.

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